Steven Holland


A short article on why scientists have difficulty explaining p-values. And here’s a great follow-up by Nate Silver on the problems with p-values; in short, even the American Statistical Association says p-values should be used and interpreted with great caution.

A good explanation of why you should use natural logs

An excellent piece on the problems of p-values, published in Nature.

Writing R Functions. Some sound advice.

10 R packages I wish I knew about earlier - blog post on Yhat.

An EOS Forum from 24 November 2009 (v. 90, no. 47) discussing statistical significance, geological significance, and the problem with p-values.

New York Times article on R, from 7 January 2009. Thanks to Scott Gifford for finding this!

Tufte comic at xkcd. Hover your mouse over the comic for Tufte.

Article in Science News about the misinterpretations of p-values, and their possible remedy in Bayesian statistics. Only for subscribers to Science News

XKCD about the misinterpretation of p-values in the popular press.