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Problem Sets

Due date: All problem sets are due by 10:00 PM on the date specified for each homework; late work incurs a substantial penalty. The timestamp on your email, as displayed in Outlook on my computer will be used to determine whether problem sets were submitted on time.

What to turn in: Save the commands you used to do the problem set as a plain-text (.txt) file named XXXX-2.txt, replacing XXXX with your last name, lower-case. Replace the number with the number of the problem set. For example, if your name is Pemmican Terwilliger and you are turning in problem set #4, your file should be named terwilliger-4.txt.

Your file can and should include comments and blank lines for clarity, but it should not include unnecessary commands. For example, if you try several commands that don't work or that produce errors, delete them.

How to turn it in: Every problem set will have a link that will launch your emailer with the correct address and subject line. Use that link. If you cannot, set the e-mail address to, and the subject line to 8370 problem set XXXX, replacing XXXX with the number of the problem set (e.g., 8370 problem set 1).

Grading: Each problem set is worth 20 points.

To grade your problem sets, I will copy your commands into an R session, and your code must run without errors. Embedding paths and using setwd() is guaranteed to generate errors; be sure to not include these in your code.

Verify that the commands in your text file work without errors. The best way is to close R, restart R, and paste all of your commands at once into the R window. They should run exactly to produce the homework, with no errors. If it doesn’t, fix the text file and repeat this procedure until it works flawlessly.

Points will be deducted as follows:

Read Becoming a better coder. I will update this after every homework is returned, based on comments on that homework. Once something is posted to this page, you are responsible for incorporating those concepts in your code. Not doing so will be treated as a mistake and points will be deducted from your homework.