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Cyclocrinites darwini
CMNH 25993
Scale bar is 1 cm

Both Cyclocrinites and Lepidolites have lateral heads, as opposed to Anomaloides. Cyclocrinites is distinguished by its globular lateral heads that are regular and non-overlapping.


Cyclocrinites? sp. (Foerste, 1910)
Occurrence: Arnheim, Waynesville, Liberty, Whitewater, Elkhorn
Reference: Dalvé, 1948; Nitecki, 1970; Cross et al., 1996
Originally Pasceolus camdenensis; Placed under uncertain Cyclocrinites by Nitecki (1970) until type specimen can be found

Cyclocrinites darwini (Miller, 1874)
Occurrence: Bellevue
Reference: Foerste, 1916; Dalvé, 1948; Nitecki, 1970; Cross et al., 1996
Formerly Pasceolus darwini; Includes Pasceolus claudei Miller, 1874, Cyclocrinites claudei, Astylospongia tumidus James, 1878, Pasceolus(?) tumidus (James, 1878)