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Note that the common species formerly known as D. multisecta and D. meeki are now placed in the new genus Cincinnetina.

All three species listed below likely belong to Heterorthina, according to Dr. Jisuo Jin, who is currently studying these species. Heterorthina can be recognized based on the presence of a dorsal medial groove or medial interspace (as opposed to a medial rib) and a prominently trilobate cardinal process. These species have not yet been formally assiged to Heterorthina.

Dalmanella bassleri Foerste, 1909
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy
Reference: Hall, 1962; Neuman, 1967; Walker, 1982
Formerly Onniella bassleri

Dalmanella emacerata (Hall, 1860)
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy, Southgate
Reference: Hall, 1962; Schwimmer and Sandy, 1996
Formerly Onniella emacerata

Dalmanella fultonensis Foerste, 1912
Occurrence: Fulton
Reference: Hall, 1962
Formerly Onniella fultonensis