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Specimen Photo

Hebertella occidentalis
SMH collection
Scale bar is 5 mm


Hebertella alveata Foerste, 1909
Occurrence: Liberty, Whitewater
Reference: Dalvé, 1948; Wright and Stigall, 2013
Large for genus, with widest portion of shell at the hinge line, and often alate. Inflated dorsal valve with median depression.

Hebertella occidentalis (Hall, 1847)
Occurrence: Fulton, Mount Hope, Fairmount, Bellevue, Corryville, Mount Auburn, Arnheim, Waynesville, Liberty, Whitewater, Elkhorn
Reference: Walker, 1982; Schwimmer and Sandy, 1996
Originally named Orthis occidentalis. Includes Hebertella sinuata

Hebertella richmondensis Foerste, 1909
Occurrence: Whitewater
Reference: Wright and Stigall, 2013
Originally named Hebertella alveata richmondensis
Like H. alveata, with an inflated dorsal valve with a median depression, but is distinguishable by its short hinge line and semielliptical shell.

Hebertella subjugata (Hall, 1847)
Occurrence: Clays Ferry, Bellevue, Waynesville
Reference: Wright and Stigall, 2013
Originally named Orthis subjugata
Small for genus, semielliptical, finely ribbed, with markedly rounded cardinal extremities.