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Specimen Photo

Heterorthina macfarlani
photo from Neuman, 1967
Scale bar is 1 cm


Heterorthina can be recognized based on the presence of a dorsal medial groove or medial interspace (as opposed to a medial rib) and a prominently trilobate cardinal process.

Heterorthina bassleri (Foerste, 1909)
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy
Reference: Hall, 1962; Neuman, 1967; Walker, 1982
Formerly Onniella bassleri, Dalmanella bassleri

Heterorthina emacerata (Hall, 1860)
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy, Southgate
Reference: Hall, 1962; Schwimmer and Sandy, 1996
Formerly Onniella emacerata, Dalmanella emacerata; includes Dalmanella fultonensis Foerste, 1912

Heterorthina fairmountensis (Foerste, 1909)
Occurrence: Bellevue, Corryville
Reference: Hall, 1962; Neuman, 1967
Formerly Resserella fairmountensis