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Treptoceras duseri
MUGM 15569
scale bar is 4 mm


Treptoceras cincinnatiensis (Miller, 1875)
Occurrence: Fairview, Waynesville, Liberty, Rowland
Reference: Frey, 1995
Formerly Orthoceras cincinnatiensis

Treptoceras duseri (Hall and Whitfield, 1875)
Occurrence: Fairview, Clays Ferry?, Waynesville
Reference: Frey, 1995; Davis and Mapes, 1996
Formerly Orthoceras duseri, Orthonybyoceras duseri

Treptoceras fosteri (Miller, 1875)
Occurrence: Waynesville
Reference: Frey, 1995
Formerly Orthoceras fosteri

Treptoceras hitzi (Foerste, 1910)
Occurrence: Hitz
Reference: Dalvé, 1948
Originally Orthoceras (Ormoceras?) hitzi

Treptoceras sp.
Occurrence: Fulton, McMicken, Mount Hope, Fairmount, Bellevue, Corryville, Mount Auburn, Arnheim, Waynesville, Liberty
Reference: Dalvé, 1948

Treptoceras transversum (Miller, 1875)
Occurrence: Economy, Southgate, Mount Hope
Reference: Frey, 1995
Formerly Orthoceras transversum, Orthoceras hindei