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Rhodesognathus elegans (Rhodes, 1953)
Occurrence: Edenian - Maysvillian
Reference: Bergström and Sweet, 1966; Kohut and Sweet, 1968; Sweet, 1979
Includes Tetraprioniodus delicatus (Branson & Mehl, 1933)
Includes form-species: Phragmodus delicatus Branson & Mehl, 1933 (later known as Ligonodina delicata), Keislognathus gracilis Rhodes 1955 (later known as Hibbardella gracilis and Trichonodella gracilis), Keislognathus simplex Ethington, 1959, Tetraprioniodus superbus (Rhodes), Ambalodus elegans Rhodes, 1953, Ambalodus pulcher Rhodes, 1953