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Specimen Photo

Brachiospongia tuberculata
CMNH Collection
Scale bar is 5 cm


Brachiospongia digitata (Owen)
Reference: Rigby, 1970; Rigby, 1996
Arms project downward, rather than straight out, as in B. tuberculata
Rigby (1970) suggests that B. bifurcata Jillson (1961), should be included within B. digitata. B. bifurcata is found in the upper Lexington.

Brachiospongia laevis Foerste, 1909
Occurrence: Mount Hope
Reference: Dalvé, 1948; Rigby, 1970
Has straight arms like B. tuberculata, but with smooth surfaces

Brachiospongia minimus Jillson, 1953
Occurrence: Eden
Reference: Jillson, 1953; Rigby, 1970
Has smooth arms, unlike B. tuberculata

Brachiospongia tuberculata James, 1879
Occurrence: Waynesville, Liberty
Reference: Dalvé, 1948; Rigby, 1970; Rigby, 1996