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Specimen Photo

Petrocrania scabiosa encrusting Rafinesquina
SMH collection
Scale bar is 5 mm

Cemented pedicle valve thin; conical brachial valve may bear concentric growth lines.


Petrocrania albersi (Miller & Faber, 1894)
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy, Southgate
Reference: Foerste, 1916; Dalvé, 1948
Originally Crania albersi

Petrocrania dyeri (Miller, 1875)
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy
Reference: Foerste, 1916; Dalvé, 1948
Originally Crania dyeri

Petrocrania scabiosa (Hall, 1868)
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy, Southgate, McMicken, Mount Hope, Fairmount, Bellevue, Corryville, Mount Auburn, Arnheim, Waynesville, Liberty, Whitewater, Elkhorn
Reference: Foerste 1916; Dalvé, 1948; Schwimmer and Sandy, 1996
Originally Crania scabiosa. Includes Crania asperula James 1879, Crania alternata James 1879, Crania multipunctata Miller 1875, and Crania costata James 1879.

Petrocrania socialis (Ulrich, 1878)
Occurrence: Economy, Southgate, McMicken
Reference: Foerste 1916; Dalvé, 1948
Originally Crania socialis