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Polychaeta - tubes, holdfasts, and bodies

Polychaeta - Scolecodonts (jaws)

Polychaetaspidae (8–10 species)

Ramphioprionidae (6–8 species)

Polychaeturidae (1 species)

Paulinitidae (2–3 species)

Hadoprionidae (1 species)

Atraktoprionidae (6–8 species)

Kalloprionidae (4–6 species)

Incerta familiae (1 or more species)

Mochtyellidae (2–3 species)

Symmetroprionidae (1 species)

Tetraprionidae (1 species)

Xanioprionidae (1 species)

family uncertain (1 species)

other taxa

This last list is based partly on Rich Fuchs’ scolecodont page at the Dry Dredgers’s website. His page includes line drawings of many of these genera. Note also that Cincinnatian scolecodonts are currently undergoing much-needed taxonomic revision by Mats Eriksson (Ohio State University), from whose work the list of families and number of reported species is based.