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Specimen Photo

Technophorus sp.
Photo courtesty of Jack Kallmeyer
Scale bar is 5 mm


Technophorus cincinnatiensis Miller & Faber, 1894
Occurrence: Economy, Fairmount
Reference: Dalvé, 1948; Pojeta and Runnegar, 1976; Wagner, 1997
Includes Technophorus punctostriatus Ulrich, 1895

Technophorus faberi Miller, 1889
Occurrence: Fairmount
Reference: Wagner, 1997

Technophorus miller Pojeta and Runnegar, 1976
Occurrence: Lower Whitewater
Reference: Pojeta and Runnegar, 1976

Technophorus sp.
Occurrence: Kope
Reference: Pojeta and Runnegar, 1976
Pojeta and Runnegar (1976, p. 60) figure an unnamed species from the Kope with a nearly square protoconch.