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Specimen Photo

Calapoecia cribriformis
MUGM 29601
scale bar is 0.5 mm

Note relatively round corallites, short septal spines, tabulae, and vertical tubes in walls of corallites that give walls a beaded appearance


Calapoecia cf. C. coxi Bassler, 1950
Occurrence: Whitewater
Reference: Browne, 1965
Round corallites 2 to 2.5 mm, with septal spines, with tabulae

Calapoecia huronensis Billings, 1865
Occurrence: Waynesville, Liberty, Whitewater, Elkhorn
Reference: Foerste, 1916; Browne, 1965
Round corallites 3 to 3.5 mm, widely spaced septal spines, with tabulae
Includes specimens referred to C. cribriformis (Nicholson, 1874)