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Specimen Photo

Chondrites sp. - side view
SMH collection
Scale bar is 1 cm

Specimen Photo

Chondrites sp. - top view
SMH collection


Chondrites type-A
Occurrence: McMicken, Southgate
Reference: Osgood, 1970
Small and compact, greatest dimension is vertical rather than horizontal

Chondrites type-B
Occurrence: throughout Cincinnatian
Reference: Osgood, 1970; Hannibal, 1996

Chondrites type-C
Occurrence: Richmond
Reference: Osgood, 1970
Form dense interwoven network; surface of burrows marked by delicate longitudinal striae

Buthotrephis gracilis and Buthotrephis ramulosus have been reported from the Cincinnatian, but Osgood seems to have regarded them as Chondrites