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Bythopora sp. in longitudinal (left) and tangential (right) sections. Field of view is 1.0 mm. SMH collection.

Bythopora is ramose and slender. Zooecial openings are oval, and zooecia meet the surface obliquely. Zooecia form longitudinal rows, but do not alternate laterally. Exozone is very narrow, with gradually widening zooecia. Diaphragms are rare or absent. Mesozooids generally absent, but very shallow mesozooids may be present in outermost exozone. Few styles, but with clear lumen.


Bythopora arctipora (Nicholson, 1875)
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy, Southgate, McMicken
Reference: Bassler, 1906; Dalvé, 1948
Originally named Ptilodictya? arctipora.

Bythopora delicatula (Nicholson, 1874)
Occurrence: Arnheim, Waynesville, Liberty
Reference: Dalvé, 1948
Originally named Chaetetes delicatulus. Also called Monticulipora delicatula. Includes Chaetetes minutus James, 1879.

Bythopora dendrina (James, 1878)
Occurrence: Fairmount, Corryville, Whitewater
Reference: Bassler, 1906; Dalvé, 1948; Singh, 1979; Cuffey in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention); Schumacher et al. in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention)
Originally named Helopora dendrina. Includes Bythopora fruticosa Miller and Dyer, 1878
Distinguished by slender stems that branch frequently.

Bythopora parvula (James, 1878)
Occurrence: Southgate, McMicken
Reference: Bassler, 1906; Dalvé, 1948
Originally named Helopora parvula. Includes Helopora approximata James, 1878.
Distinguished by widely separated apertures and extremely thin branches.

Bythopora striata Ulrich, 1889
Occurrence: Corryville, Arnheim, Waynesville
Reference: Dalvé, 1948