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Cyphotrypa sp. in longitudinal (left) and tangential (right) sections. Field of view is 1.5 mm. CMC 24654.

Cyphotrypa is massive, rarely ramose, with low monticules. Zooecia are polygonal and thin-walled, with diaphragms common in exozone. Lacks mesozooids. Styles have large clear lumen, and are typically common and occur at junctions of walls.


Cyphotrypa madisonensis Brown and Daly, 1985
Occurrence: Dillsboro
Reference: Brown and Daly, 1985; Schumacher et al. in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention)

Cyphotrypa osgoodensis Perry and Hattin, 1960
Occurrence: Dillsboro
Reference: Brown and Daly, 1985

Cyphotrypa waynensis Utgaard and Perry, 1964
Occurrence: Whitewater
Reference: Utgaard and Perry, 1964