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Specimen Photo Specimen Photo

Nicholsonella sp. in longitudinal (left) and tangential (right) sections. Field of view is 1.5 mm. CMC 61590.

Nicholsonella is ramose to frondose. Zooecia are thick-walled and separated by large polygonal mesozooids filled with calcareous deposits. Diaphragms and styles are common.


Nicholsonella peculiaris Cumings and Galloway
Occurrence: Arnheim
Reference: Dalvé, 1948

Nicholsonella sp.
Occurrence: Whitewater
Reference: Utgaard and Perry, 1964

Nicholsonella vaupeli (Ulrich, 1883)
Occurrence: Bellevue, Mount Auburn, Waynesville, Liberty
Reference: Brown and Daly, 1985
Originally named Heterotrypa vaupeli. Also called Monticulipora vaupeli.