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Specimen Photo Specimen Photo

Parvohallopora sp. in longitudinal (left) and tangential (right) sections. Field of view is 1.0 mm. SMH collection.

Specimen Photo

Parvohallopora ramosa. Scale bar is 5 mm. SMH collection.

Parvohallopora is a ramose form characterized by numerous small mesozooids bearing numerous diaphragms, a lack of styles, with a smooth surface or regularly spaced monticules. Many species have lined zooecia. Diaphragms may be numerous in feeding zooids in the exozone (e.g., P. congrua, P. onealli, P. ramosa, P. subplana) or rare to absent in the exozone (e.g., P. subnodosa).


Parvohallopora congrua Utgaard and Perry, 1964
Occurrence: Whitewater
Reference: Utgaard and Perry, 1964; Schumacher et al. in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention)
Utgaard and Perry (1964) placed this species within Hallopora, as Parvohallopora had not yet been named. The characters of the species, however, matches the concept of Parvohallopora, and it is regarded here as a member of that genus.

Parvohallopora onealli (James, 1875)
Occurrence: Point Pleasant, Clays Ferry, Fulton, Economy, Southgate, McMicken
Reference: Bassler, 1906; Karklins, 1984
Originally named Chaetetes? O'Nealli. Also called Monticulipora? onealli, Callopora onealli, Calopora onealli, and Hallopora onealli
P. onealli was regarded as a junior subjective synonym of P. nodulosa by Anstey and Perry (1973), but Brown and and Daly (1985) regarded P. nodulosa as a synonym of P. ramosa. Karklins (1984) regarded P. onealli as a valid species.
Very abundant in lower third and upper third of Kope. Narrow (2 mm) branches, often anastomosing. Oval zooecia with numerous mesopores. Variety communis in upper Kope has branches to 7 mm.

Parvohallopora ramosa (d'Orbigny, 1850)
Occurrence: Point Pleasant, Clays Ferry, Economy, Southgate, McMicken, Mount Hope, Fairmount, Bellevue, Corryville, Mount Auburn, Arnheim, Waynesville, Whitewater
Reference: Singh, 1979; Karklins, 1984; Brown and Daly, 1985; Cuffey in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention); Schumacher et al. in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention)
Originally named as Monticulipora ramosa. Also called Callopora ramosa, Hallopora ramosa. Includes Hallopora rugosa (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1851), Hallopora nodulosa (Nicholson, 1874), Hallopora andrewsi (Nicholson, 1874), and Hallopora dalei (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1851)

Parvohallopora subnodosa (Ulrich, 1890)
Occurrence: Bellevue, Arnheim, Waynesville, Liberty, Whitewater, Saluda
Reference: Brown and Daly, 1985; Schumacher et al. in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention)
Also called Callopora subnodosa, Hallopora subnodosa, Callopora pulchella, Callopora frondosa, Parvohallopora laevigata Singh, 1979

Parvohallopora subplana (Ulrich, 1882)
Occurrence: McMicken, Mount Hope, Fairmount, Whitewater
Reference: Brown and Daly, 1985; Schumacher et al. in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention)
Originally named Callopora subplana. Also called Hallopora subplana.

Parvohallopora wesenbergiana (Dybowski, 1877)
Occurrence: Whitewater
Reference: Schumacher et al. in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention), Butler and Cuffey, 1996 (mention)