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Specimen Photo

Cryptolithus tessellatus
MUGM 28587
scale bar is 0.5 mm

Specimen Photo

Cryptolithus tessellatus
SMH collection


Cryptolithus tessellatus Green, 1832
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy, Southgate, McMicken, Mount Hope, Fairmount, Bellevue, Corryville, Mount Auburn
Reference: Babcock, 1996; Whittington, 1968; Shaw and Lesperance, 1984
Note: Shaw and Lesperance (1984) regard C. lorettensis Foerste and C. bellulus (Ulrich) as "morphs, races, or regional variants" of C. tessellatus that do not merit formal taxonomic status. Also, note that the McMicken through Mount Auburn occurrences are based on Dalvé, 1948. These occurrences cannot be confirmed and are considered here as suspect. Foerste (1910) reports that Cryptolithus ranges up to the middle Southgate.