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Specimen Photo

Triarthrus beckii
MUGM 28296
scale bar 4mm

Specimen Photo

Triarthrus beckii
SMH collection


Triarthrus beckii (Green)
Occurrence: Fulton, Southgate
Reference: Ross, 1979; Ludvigsen and Tuffnell, 1983; Kim et al, 2009
Type-Cincinnatian Triarthrus previously assigned to T. eatoni (Hall) were recently assigned to T. beckii by Kim et al., 2009

Triarthrus spinosus Billings
Occurrence: Kope
Reference: Ludvigsen and Tuffnell, 1983; Babcock, 1996
Distinguished from T. eatoni by long spines on the occipital ring, the genal angles, and the 8th, 9th, and 10th thoracic segments