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Pionodema alberstadti Howe, 1988
Occurrence: Arnheim, Fernvale
Reference: Howe, 1988

Pionodema minuscula Willard
Occurrence: Lebanon
Reference: Cooper, 1956
Specimens formerly assigned to Pionodema subaequata

Pionodema subaequata (Conrad)
Occurrence: Murfreesboro?, Pierce?, Ridley?, Hermitage
Reference: Wilson, 1949
Note that Cooper (1956) questions the occurrence of this species in the Murfreesboro, and does not report it from the Pierce or Ridley and suggests that the Pierce report may be a small Mimella; Cooper also does not report P. subaequata from the Hermitage.

Pionodema tennesseensis Cooper
Occurrence: Hermitage
Reference: Cooper, 1956