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Rafinesquina alternata
Occurrence: Hermitage?, Bigby, Bigby-Cannon, Cannon, Catheys, Arnheim, Fernvale, Mannie
Reference: Wilson, 1949
Note that Cooper (1956) does not report this species from the Hermitage.

Rafinesquina incrassata
Occurrence: Pierce?, Ridley, Lebanon?
Reference: Wilson, 1949
Cooper (1956) questioned the assignment of this species to Rafinesquina, but did not assign it to any other genus; furthermore, he reports it only from the Ridley.

Rafinesquina ponderosa
Occurrence: Leipers
Reference: Wilson, 1949

Rafinesquina trentonensis (Conrad)
Occurrence: Hermitage
Reference: Wilson, 1949; Cooper, 1956
Formerly Rafinesquina hermitagensis Bassler